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well he really should have worn more protective clothing if he didn’t want that to happensounds to me like he was asking for it

Are we really sure he was actually shot and decapitated? Idk, sounds like something he would’ve made up. Guys make false decapitation accusations all the time, you know. 

If he didn’t want to be decapitated, he shouldn’t have worn a shirt that showed off his neck

I mean, not all woman decapitate people. I’m not like that.
Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it. Mark Twain (via leslieseuffert)

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Black Tea Glycerine Soap with Activated Charcoal
Hi everyone! Well here is the tutorial as promised. Unfortunately my photos will not load to my computer, and when I tried doing them again they crashed my laptop completely. So today’s post is going to be text right now but I will try and upload the photos tomorrow when I have calmed down :-)
This recipe is based on four 100gm (around 3.5 ounce) bars as that is the mould I have! If you want to make it bigger/smaller you just need to adjust the measurements. I will provide both sets of measurements where neccessary.
400gms (14 ounces) clear glycerine soap
3 tsp Black Tea fragance oil
1/2 tsp isopropyl alcohol
1 tsp activated charcoal
Gold/Bronze mica (only need a tiny bit)
Heatproof glass jug (like Pyrex)
Spray bottle filled with isopropyl alcohol
Clean knife and chopping board
Small jug
Mould for your soap - this is based on 4 100gm bars, but you could use any flexible mould and alter the measurements to fit
Optional: Plastic dropper, thermometre
1. Chop up your glycerine soap in to small cubes and pop in your heatproof glass jug
2 In your small jug, mix your 1/2 tsp isopropyl alcohol and 1 tsp activated charcoal. The alcohol is strong smelling but will ‘burn off’ when it sets. If you chuck your activated charcoal straight in to your melted soap you’re very likely to get big lumps!
3. In your mould, sprinkle a little bit of your mica. I sprinkled a bit in an ‘artistic’ way! Try to keep it even and make sure there aren’t huge lumps. Keep in mind that mica is like eyeshadow, so when you use the soap you will probably get a bit of shimmer on you! I like this but if you’d prefer, you can omit the mica.
4. Place your jug in your microwave and heat on 30 second bursts. Keep stirring until it’s all melted. Stir well, until there are no lumps left and it’s nice and smooth.
5. Measure your fragrance oil with your dropper or just use your measuring spoon. 3 tsps will give a ‘medium’ scent, if you want it lighter or stronger, you can use this brilliant fragrance calculator via Bramble Berry. Pour into your melted glycerine soap and mix well.
5. Tip your activated charcoal/alcohol mix in to your melted soap and mix well.
6. Let your soap cool a bit. You want your soap to be at about 55C or 130F. If you have a thermometer this will help but if not just leave it for a minute.
7. Pour your soap in to your mould. Spray with your isopropyl alcohol to remove any bubbles on the top of your soap.
8. Once your soap is set, unmould and wrap or store in an air tight container as glycerine soap will get a bit ‘dewy’ if left out due to it’s high glycerine content.
Other notes: If you use a melt and pour soap base that is ‘white’ (i.e. white, cocoa butter, shea, etc), your soap will come out as a grey colour, which is why I used clear M&P so I would get that nice black colour!
I get all my supplies from Aussie Soap Supplies, which is the only Australian supplier for Bramble Berry fragrances. Black Tea is a strong, unisex scent which is almost a bit like sarsparilla. You can use whatever scent you want really as the activated charcoal doesn’t have a scent. Make sure you use cosmetic grade charcoal (not artist charcoal).
I hope this has been helpful and that you will have a go! As I said, I will try and post photos tomorrow. If you need any help with using Melt & Pour soap, click here.
Social experiment. Reblog if you actually give a shit about women who are victims of rape and domestic abuse.

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maybe Jesus was gay the whole time and was actually saying “ah, men”


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